Matsuoka Hana (松岡はな?) was a girl used by "The Organization" to infiltrate Club Suizokukan and incriminate the club into hiring an underage (Under-18) as a Cabaret Girl. During her short time in Suizokukan, she was given the Genji name Wakasagi (ワカサギ Japanese Smelt?) since she was young and energetic.


  • Her whole name was shown when Sakura was checking her résumé.
  • She indicated in her résumé that she's "20 years old" but changed it to "18" when she was cornered by both Sakura and Saionji, but her actual age was "17" as mentioned by Tsun.
  • Her date of birth in her résumé was shown as "January 19, 1996" to make her age as "20", but she was really "17" at that time. Assuming that the actresses use their true birth months and days, Wakasagi's "true birthday" would be on January 19, 1999, which makes her "17" on Iwashi's "true birthday" (October 3).