Uonome (ウオノメ?) was the leader of Majisuka Jyogakuen's Team Hinabe and a member of Katsuzetsu's Rappapa. Her jersey has a nametag with Juri (朱里?) written on it. She was given the Genji Name Iwashi (いわし Sardine?) in Cabasuka Gakuen in which her surname was also revealed to be Takahashi. She has a younger sister that looks like her called Ikanome.


  • Iwashi celebrated her "true birthday" on Cabasuka Gakuen Episode 7 which was aired in Hulu on 2017 December 18 (2017 December 11 on NTV), but her actress' birthday is on October 3 (3½ weeks before Cabasuka Gakuen aired).
    • Before that, Kurage used Iwashi as an example to the others on Cabasuka Gakuen Episode 2 (Hulu airing: Oct. 30; NTV airing: Nov. 6) in using their birthdays by telling President Nakabayashi that it was Iwashi's birthday that day.
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