Hori Miona (堀未央奈?) was a 2nd Year student of Nogizaka Girls' High School. She was asked by Magic to let her borrow her identity for a while to infiltrate a Hostel owned by the Chitoitsu.

Fictional Background

Miona was heading for school when Magic spotted and called her. When Magic asked if she could borrow her Student ID Book, Miona immediately refused at first. She was presumably convinced to lend her ID when Magic mentioned that she can probably ask for a replacement ID if she mentions that she lost hers. What happened to her afterwards was unknown.


IDCard Hori Miona
  • In the credits section of Vol.10 of Majisuka Gakuen 5, her role was credited as Nogi School Female Student (乃木女生徒 Nogijo Seito?), but her character's full name was shown in her ID card when Magic replaced Miona's picture with hers.
  • In her Student ID Book (which Magic borrowed) her birth month and year is October of 1998 (平成10年10月, 10th Heisei Year October), 2 years younger than her actress.
  • Hori Miona is the first character in the Majisuka Gakuen Series to be played by a Nogizaka46 member, not counting Matsui Rena who had a concurrency with Nogizaka46 before she portrayed Gekikara in the 2015 Majisuka Gakuen Stage Musical.

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