A mysterious student in Yabakune High School (矢場久根高校?) who became Yabakune's 15th Generation President (十五代目総長?), defeating Gekkou, taking the name Head (ヘッド?), which was previously used by the 14th President who lost Yabakune to Gekioko Koko.


  • This character is the second character in the series to use the name "Head". The first one was the leader of Yabakune in Season 4, who lost to Gekioko Koko, turning Yabakune into one of it's underlings.
  • This is actually the second character that Head's actress, Taniguchi Megu, portrayed related to the Majisuka Gakuen series. The first one was Heco, a character from the Majisuka Gakuen Musical.
  • In relation to Head being Yabakune's 15th Generation President, Taniguchi Megu was also known as one of the reservist 15th Generation Members (2nd batch, along with Ino Miyabi).

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