Suizokukan LED

Cabaret Club Aquarium (キャバクラ水族館 Kabakura Suizokukan?) is a Cabaret Club opened by Miyawaki Sakura to raise funds for Majisuka Jyogakuen after the school's funding company went bankrupt.


Primary Staff

  • Miyawaki Sakura/Same - primary business owner (by concept), cabaret club girl
  • Kagetora Saionji - legendary cabaret club producer, registered business co-owner
  • Satoshi - Suizokukan's Tsukemawashi Level Courtesan
  • Center/Kurage - Cabaret Club Girls mentor

Cabaret Club Girls

Regular Girls
Guest Help Girls
Unnamed Club Help Girls
  • Miyazaki Miho
  • Mogi Shinobu
  • Omori Miyu
  • Sasaki Yukari

Secret Ally

  • Scandal - an idol with a dark past, rescued Jisedai from Dandy Magnum.
  • Salt - a detective, Majijo's former Rappapa president.


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